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41:48:23 ago: Brightgalrs the Slayer (L22 MiBe of Trog) escaped from the Abyss! (Abyss:1, turn 60458, dur 8:32:12, cszo)


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252BrightgalrsMinotaurGladiatorChopperD:3blasted by an orc wizard (puff of frost)421030:06:372013-05-24 01:05:23
1099BrightgalrsMinotaurGladiatorSpear-BearerD:5slain by an ogre (a +0,+0 giant spiked club)759940:27:282013-05-24 00:57:57
75BrightgalrsMinotaurGladiatorChopperD:1mangled by a gnoll (a +2,+1 halberd)23100:00:462013-05-24 00:29:56
393BrightgalrsMinotaurGladiatorChopperD:4slain by an orc (a +1,+1 orcish short sword of venom)528740:05:192013-05-23 03:09:18
277BrightgalrsMinotaurGladiatorChopperD:4demolished by Menkaure427190:03:032013-05-23 03:02:32
241BrightgalrsMinotaurGladiatorChopperD:3mangled by an orc (a +2,+2 orcish trident)417940:02:542013-05-23 02:59:21
42BrightgalrsMinotaurGladiatorChopperD:1slain by a jackal11500:00:262013-05-23 02:56:18
3734BrightgalrsMinotaurGladiatorOkawaruFighterBaileyshot by an orc warrior (bolt)994900:32:442013-05-23 02:55:30
247BrightgalrsMinotaurGladiatorChopperD:3demolished by an ogre (a +0,+0 giant club)415860:03:452013-05-23 02:21:52
378BrightgalrsHill OrcGladiatorOkawaruCleaverD:4blasted by an orc wizard (puff of flame)636430:13:552013-05-23 02:17:41
20BrightgalrsHill OrcGladiatorPokerD:$got out of the dungeon alive.110:00:062013-05-22 21:19:09
259BrightgalrsDemonspawnNecromancerGrave RobberD:4blasted by an orc wizard (magic dart)535490:17:392013-05-22 21:18:28
5610BrightgalrsDemonspawnGladiatorOkawaruSpear-BearerD:8slain by a yak10140851:04:182013-05-22 20:59:25
43BrightgalrsDemonspawnGladiatorPokerD:1succumbed to an adder's poison22400:01:342013-05-22 05:20:52
1737BrightgalrsHill OrcGladiatorCleaverD:7slain by a sky beast896740:21:112013-05-22 02:18:36
545BrightgalrsHill OrcGladiatorCleaverD:5mangled by Blork the orc (a +0,+0 orcish glaive)643980:10:322013-05-22 01:57:15
1468BrightgalrsHill OrcGladiatorOkawaruCleaverD:5slain by Blork the orc (a +0,+0 orcish scimitar)862470:22:502013-05-22 01:46:31
239BrightgalrsHill OrcGladiatorChopperD:2slain by Crazy Yiuf (a +4,+3 quarterstaff of chaos)417080:07:232013-05-21 21:06:24
20BrightgalrsHill OrcGladiatorPokerD:$got out of the dungeon alive.130:00:102013-05-21 20:58:52
47253BrightgalrsMinotaurBerserkerTrogSevererOrc:3mangled by a sun demon (summoned by an orc high priest)13247353:46:552013-05-21 20:53:19

Uniques Slain Agnes, Aizul, Arachne, Azrael, Blork, Boris, Crazy Yiuf, Dowan, Duvessa, Edmund, Erica, Erolcha, Eustachio, Fannar, Frances, Frederick, Gastronok, Grinder, Grum, Harold, Ijyb, Ilsuiw, Jessica, Jorgrun, Jory, Joseph, Josephine, Kirke, Louise, Mara, Margery, Maud, Maurice, Menkaure, Mennas, Nergalle, Nessos, Nikola, Norris, Pikel, Prince Ribbit, Psyche, Purgy, Roxanne, Rupert, Saint Roka, Sigmund, Snorg, Sonja, Terence, Urug, Wiglaf
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brightgalrs 277
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