Player information for Jigsaw

Tourney points total 305
Tourney team points 48
Games won / played 0 / 178 (0.00%)


No games

Best Games

1152422VampireConjurerSif MunaEclecticistShoals:1engulfed by a fire crab's flame16422015:29:0512013-05-12 15:44:59
284029VampireWizardSif MunaArsonistShoals:3blasted by a frost giant (bolt of cold)15359754:36:302013-05-19 23:36:07
381480VampireConjurerSif MunaInfuserSnake:2slain by Norris (a +2,+5 long sword of slicing)15349984:35:132013-05-16 00:32:10
468991MinotaurBerserkerTrogSevererElf:2slain by a sun demon (summoned by a deep elf summoner)14300553:34:252013-05-24 23:08:58
553373VampireConjurerSif MunaSummonerSnake:1mangled by a naga warrior (a +0,+0 spear)14319924:39:402013-05-14 00:39:36
651929VampireWizardSif MunaArsonistLair:7slain by a spiny frog14321954:04:002013-05-22 22:58:39
745326VampireWizardNemelex XobehFetichistShoals:2succumbed to poison (toxic radiance)13249193:25:262013-05-26 18:47:01
819890Hill OrcPriestBeoghBludgeonerShoals:2slain by a merfolk (a +0,+0 trident)12172442:38:572013-05-18 15:59:54
916146VampireConjurerSif MunaThaumaturgeD:11mangled by a hill giant (a +0,+0 giant spiked club)12168131:45:132013-05-11 02:18:53
1014604VampireFighterNemelex XobehPrestidigitatorD:10mangled by a hill giant (a +0,+0 giant club)11113301:37:462013-05-25 02:39:44

Recent Games

45326VampireWizardNemelex XobehFetichistShoals:2succumbed to poison (toxic radiance)13249193:25:262013-05-26 18:47:01
214VampireWizardSneakD:5slain by an orc (a +0,+0 orcish trident)425770:13:252013-05-25 18:55:44
208VampireWizardSneakD:2slain by a worm419680:08:532013-05-25 18:32:20
22VampireWizardSneakD:1slain by a kobold (a +2,+2 mace)1920:00:352013-05-25 18:16:44
50VampireAssassinSneakD:1quit the game10:00:312013-05-25 18:15:47
44VampireMonkInseiD:1quit the game23310:01:272013-05-25 14:53:30
3627VampireMonkNemelex XobehGrapplerD:7blasted by an orc wizard (magic dart)982600:41:262013-05-25 14:51:47
55VampireMonkInseiD:1slain by a kobold29270:02:552013-05-25 14:07:54
371VampireMonkInseiD:4slain by a green rat (summoned by Eustachio)533950:14:182013-05-25 14:04:48

Uniques Slain Blork, Crazy Yiuf, Donald, Dowan, Duvessa, Edmund, Erica, Erolcha, Eustachio, Fannar, Gastronok, Grinder, Grum, Harold, Ijyb, Jessica, Joseph, Josephine, Kirke, Maud, Maurice, Menkaure, Nergalle, Pikel, Prince Ribbit, Psyche, Sigmund, Snorg, Sonja, Terence, Urug

Combo Highscores

VpCj (152422), VpWz (84029), VpFi (14604)

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Class Highscores


Score Breakdown

Player points

N Points Source
31 155 unique
12 60 branch:enter
3 30 champion
1 30 rune:serpentine
3 15 branch:end
1 15 high_score:combo:3
51 305 Total

Team points

N Points Source
24 48 ghost
24 48 Total


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