Life Reset Button

Clan: Life Reset Button - fungee (captain), Speedgee
Tourney points total 1731
Games won / played 2 / 23 (8.70%)

Ongoing Games

28:07:20 ago: Fungee the Eclecticist (L15 SpEn of Okawaru) reached level 14 of the Dungeon. (D:14, turn 27560, dur 2:07:17, cdo)


5038919SpeedgeeGargoyleFire Elementalistthe Shining OneConqueror2714054510:17:1592013-10-27 19:59:30
1946861SpeedgeeGargoyleBerserkerTrogConqueror26497393:17:0832013-10-24 00:03:08

Winning Gods:

Okawaru, Trog

We say that a game is won using a (non-Xom) god if the player reaches ****** piety with that god without worshipping any other god first; this is not necessarily the same god worshipped at the end of the game. A game is won using Xom only if it is a Chaos Knight who never abandons Xom. A game is won using 'No God' only if the player never worships a god.

Remaining Gods:

Ashenzari, Beogh, Cheibriados, Elyvilon, Fedhas, Jiyva, Kikubaaqudgha, Lugonu, Makhleb, Nemelex Xobeh, No God, Sif Muna, Vehumet, Xom, Yredelemnul, Zin, the Shining One

Recent Games

5038919SpeedgeeGargoyleFire Elementalistthe Shining OneConquerorescaped with the Orb and 9 runes!2714054510:17:1592013-10-27 19:59:30
757617SpeedgeeDeep DwarfBerserkerNemelex XobehMetallomancerD:18annihilated by an ogre (a +0,+0 giant club) (summoned by the rage of Trog)27957767:57:0232013-10-26 21:42:08
472SpeedgeeDeep DwarfBerserkerTrogSlasherD:6mangled by an orc warrior (a +0,+0 orcish short sword)69260:03:242013-10-26 09:08:10
56SpeedgeeDeep DwarfBerserkerTrogSlasherD:3slain by an orc (a -1,+1 orcish flail)22270:01:102013-10-26 09:04:43
210SpeedgeeDeep DwarfBerserkerTrogChopperD:4slain by a phantom45910:02:422013-10-26 09:03:26
592FungeeSprigganEnchanterMagicianD:4slain by an orc639830:07:512013-10-25 12:00:20
80FungeeSprigganEnchanterSneakD:2slain by a jackal37950:01:502013-10-25 11:52:26
143FungeeSprigganEnchanterVexingD:2blasted by Sigmund (magic dart)212900:01:522013-10-25 11:50:33
11823FungeeTrollBerserkerTrogBasherD:12slain by a giant frog1184740:27:522013-10-24 16:47:57
8934FungeeDemonspawnGladiatorNemelex XobehFighterD:10slain by an unseen horror11122260:28:552013-10-24 01:43:56
188FungeeDemonspawnGladiatorTwirlerD:3blasted by an orc priest (divine providence)421800:02:552013-10-24 01:14:57
52FungeeDemonspawnGladiatorDuckerD:2blasted by Ijyb (wand of flame)24020:01:042013-10-24 01:11:59
460FungeeDemonspawnGladiatorNemelex XobehSkirmisherD:4slain by a crimson imp527170:06:582013-10-24 01:10:52
230FungeeKoboldGladiatorDuckerD:3slain by Sigmund (a +0,+0 scythe)425280:03:432013-10-24 01:03:27
29FungeeKoboldGladiatorDuckerD:3slain by a slave (led by Pikel)22550:01:082013-10-24 00:59:41
33FungeeKoboldFighterCutterD:3slain by Terence (a +0,+0 morningstar)21750:00:332013-10-24 00:58:19
30FungeeKoboldFighterSkirmisherD:1quit the game1290:00:232013-10-24 00:57:39
20FungeeKoboldFighterSkirmisherD:1quit the game10:00:042013-10-24 00:57:11
1946861SpeedgeeGargoyleBerserkerTrogConquerorescaped with the Orb and 3 runes!26497393:17:0832013-10-24 00:03:08
15380FungeeDeep ElfConjurerVehumetThaumaturgeOrc:3mangled by Grum (a +1,-1 spear)11112040:46:132013-10-23 20:58:26

Uniques Slain Agnes, Aizul, Antaeus, Arachne, Asmodeus, Azrael, Boris, Crazy Yiuf, Dispater, Donald, Dowan, Duvessa, Edmund, Ereshkigal, Erica, Erolcha, Eustachio, Fannar, Frances, Frederick, Gastronok, Geryon, Grinder, Grum, Harold, Ijyb, Ilsuiw, Jessica, Jorgrun, Jory, Joseph, Josephine, Khufu, Kirke, Louise, Mara, Margery, Maud, Maurice, Menkaure, Mennas, Nergalle, Nessos, Nikola, Norris, Pikel, Polyphemus, Prince Ribbit, Psyche, Roxanne, Rupert, Saint Roka, Sigmund, Snorg, Sojobo, Sonja, the royal jelly, the Serpent of Hell, Urug, Wiglaf, Xtahua
Uniques Left Blork, Cerebov, Dissolution, Gloorx Vloq, Ignacio, Lamia, Lom Lobon, Mnoleg, Murray, Purgy, Terence, Tiamat, the Enchantress, the Lernaean hydra

Combo Highscores

GrFE* (5038919)

* Winning Game

Score Breakdown

Player Points
Speedgee 1378
fungee 146
Source Points
zig_dive:28 140
background_win:FE 30
species_win:Gr 12
god_win:trog 9
background_win:Be 8
god_win:okawaru 8
Grand Total 1731
Last updated 2013-10-28 02:06:09 UTC.