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Tourney points total 9717
Games won / played 14 / 582 (2.41%)

Ongoing Games

6:06:21 ago: coffeemonster the Cutter (L6 HEEn of Vehumet) became a worshipper of Vehumet. (Temple, turn 5757, dur 0:21:10, cszo)
22:11:00 ago: GIRLIRL the Blocker (L14 MiFi of Okawaru) killed Nessos. (D:15, turn 33678, dur 3:21:46, cszo)


12899033MironGargoyleGladiatorthe Shining OneInvulnerable271244289:39:09152013-10-27 17:16:13
1483990coffeemonsterGargoyleBerserkerTrogConqueror279984911:11:2632013-10-26 23:58:58
10086021jenzorsMinotaurFighterthe Shining OneConqueror2716579610:50:42152013-10-26 03:12:44
1665816frobopGargoyleWandererthe Shining OneAxe Maniac27713865:29:2032013-10-25 16:50:41
1337733palythSprigganEnchanterKikubaaqudghaNinja241038417:44:3832013-10-25 01:36:36
12603639frobopMinotaurFighterthe Shining OneBringer of Light2712757611:52:43152013-10-23 18:39:28
1592314palythHill OrcBerserkerTrogConqueror27781784:32:0332013-10-20 22:54:56
12536767palythMinotaurFighterthe Shining OneBringer of Light271285249:13:43152013-10-20 16:33:24
1480936palythPurple DraconianDeath KnightYredelemnulSlayer23768415:55:2632013-10-19 14:47:27
1926064jenzorsMinotaurFighterOkawaruConqueror27990216:46:1742013-10-19 01:56:51
1311334GIRLIRLHill OrcFighterOkawaruConqueror2611466017:28:2232013-10-19 01:41:21
2808696frobopGargoyleFighterMakhlebChampion of Chaos27847868:33:4052013-10-18 19:49:36
1481155jenzorsTrollMonkJiyvaSensei23756355:46:4732013-10-16 23:32:03
1600060frobopTrollMonkCheibriadosWrestler27785857:36:1332013-10-14 05:00:02

Winning Gods:

Cheibriados, Jiyva, Kikubaaqudgha, Makhleb, Okawaru, Trog, Yredelemnul, the Shining One

We say that a game is won using a (non-Xom) god if the player reaches ****** piety with that god without worshipping any other god first; this is not necessarily the same god worshipped at the end of the game. A game is won using Xom only if it is a Chaos Knight who never abandons Xom. A game is won using 'No God' only if the player never worships a god.

Remaining Gods:

Ashenzari, Beogh, Elyvilon, Fedhas, Lugonu, Nemelex Xobeh, No God, Sif Muna, Vehumet, Xom, Zin

Recent Games

131palythFelidSummonerTrogCallerD:4slain by a hound320820:03:002013-10-27 19:53:12
18390palythTenguAbyssal KnightLugonuCarverAbyss:1slain by an ancient zyme12136030:45:072013-10-27 19:48:01
56coffeemonsterDeep ElfEnchanterVexingD:1slain by a goblin (a +0,+3 orcish short sword of speed)218280:06:552013-10-27 19:37:39
3381MironTrollMonkGrapplerD:8mangled by a large slime creature958770:28:062013-10-27 19:30:02
144palythTenguAbyssal KnightLugonuSlasherD:3blasted by an orc priest (divine providence)421160:03:132013-10-27 19:00:54
14448MironTrollMonkGrapplerSlime:2splashed by an acid blob's acid1192890:39:312013-10-27 18:57:55
20palythTenguAbyssal KnightLugonuSkirmisherAbyss:1mangled by a thrashing horror1650:00:152013-10-27 18:57:37
48palythTenguAbyssal KnightLugonuSkirmisherD:1slain by a giant gecko11880:00:492013-10-27 18:57:15
42palythSprigganEnchanterVexingD:1slain by a kobold (a +1,+2 dwarven dagger)11810:00:252013-10-27 18:54:31
76013palythTrollMonkJiyvaBlack BeltSnake:4slain by a naga warrior (a +0,-1 spear)14214151:12:2612013-10-27 18:52:43
2443MironMinotaurBerserkerTrogCleaverAbyss:2blasted by a wretched star (orb of energy)963060:28:232013-10-27 17:47:43
316palythGhoulEnchanterSneakSewerslain by a big kobold (a +0,+0 dagger)530150:15:422013-10-27 17:34:43
362frobopFelidWandererScratcherD:3blasted by an orc wizard (magic dart)553110:10:552013-10-27 17:31:52
12899033MironGargoyleGladiatorthe Shining OneInvulnerableescaped with the Orb and 15 runes!271244289:39:09152013-10-27 17:16:13
1058palythHill OrcTransmuterTrogBasherD:6slain by a gnoll (a +0,+0 spear)844230:13:342013-10-27 17:14:15
102palythHill OrcTransmuterSkirmisherD:2quit the game211250:01:402013-10-27 16:50:13
29palythHill OrcTransmuterRuffianD:1slain by a hobgoblin (a +0,+0 club)1430:00:162013-10-27 16:48:30
629frobopDemigodMonkInseiD:6slain by Grinder655870:11:352013-10-27 16:44:48
32527palythTrollMonkBrawlerSlime:1slain by an acid blob13142590:36:322013-10-27 16:42:32
1605frobopOgreNecromancerBasherD:7starved to death858030:18:402013-10-27 16:30:05

Uniques Slain Agnes, Aizul, Antaeus, Arachne, Asmodeus, Azrael, Blork, Boris, Cerebov, Crazy Yiuf, Dispater, Dissolution, Donald, Dowan, Duvessa, Edmund, Ereshkigal, Erica, Erolcha, Eustachio, Fannar, Frances, Frederick, Gastronok, Geryon, Gloorx Vloq, Grinder, Grum, Harold, Ignacio, Ijyb, Ilsuiw, Jessica, Jorgrun, Jory, Joseph, Josephine, Khufu, Kirke, Lamia, Lom Lobon, Louise, Mara, Margery, Maud, Maurice, Menkaure, Mennas, Mnoleg, Murray, Nergalle, Nessos, Nikola, Norris, Pikel, Polyphemus, Prince Ribbit, Psyche, Purgy, Roxanne, Rupert, Saint Roka, Sigmund, Snorg, Sojobo, Sonja, Terence, the Enchantress, the Lernaean hydra, the royal jelly, the Serpent of Hell, Tiamat, Urug, Wiglaf, Xtahua
Uniques Left None

Combo Highscores

DrDK* (1480936), TeGl (292862), CeGl (148575), TeAK (18390), GhCK (16177), OgNe (1605), HOTm (1058), HaNe (769), FeHe (688)

* Winning Game

Score Breakdown

Full details

Player Points
palyth 2124
frobop 1922
jenzors 1887
Miron 1398
coffeemonster 818
Source Points
god_win:jiyva 130
species_win:Dr 81
god_win:the_shining_one 63
species_win:Sp 59
god_win:kikubaaqudgha 57
species_win:HO 54
species_win:Tr 53
clan_top_unique_killer:2 50
god_win:yredelemnul 48
background_win:Wn 43
background_win:DK 41
background_win:En 39
background_win:Fi 29
god_win:cheibriados 29
background_win:Mo 26
god_win:makhleb 21
background_win:Gl 20
god_win:okawaru 17
species_win:Mi 16
zig_dive:3 15
species_win:Gr 12
god_win:trog 9
background_win:Be 8
Grand Total 9717

Category Breakdown

Player Points
palyth 2124
frobop 1922
jenzors 1887
Miron 1398
coffeemonster 818
Source Points
god_win 374
species_win 275
background_win 206
clan_top_unique_killer 50
zig_dive 15
Grand Total 9717
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