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Clan: Bay12 Nobles - thegoatgodpan (captain)
Tourney points total 305
Tourney team points 15
Games won / played 0 / 94 (0.00%)

Ongoing Games

122:38:15 ago: thegoatgodpan the Bludgeoner (L14 FoAK of Lugonu) banished Nessos. (D:13, turn 28312, dur 2:07:49, cao)


No games

Best Games

1228333Vine StalkerEnchanterDithmenosMartial ArtistVaults:1blasted by Sildraith's ghost (Shatter)19389444:20:0312014-04-15 00:53:51
228320Vine StalkerEnchanterDithmenosSlicerLair:4demolished by Maud (a +4,+4 scimitar)13173421:39:472014-04-14 07:49:36
317851Vine StalkerEnchanterDithmenosSlicerD:11slain by an unseen horror12148281:13:312014-04-16 07:34:23
417409DemonspawnMonkDithmenosBlack BeltLair:2slain by a ten-headed hydra12210650:57:542014-04-20 09:24:32
513960DemonspawnMonkDithmenosMartial ArtistD:12slain by an unseen horror11147870:45:532014-04-18 18:53:45
611434DemonspawnMonkOkawaruMartial ArtistIceCvmangled by a blue devil11145570:58:402014-04-20 20:54:48
79561Vine StalkerEnchanterDithmenosCovertOrc:3mangled by an orc warrior (a +0,+2 trident)11115330:55:452014-04-16 17:35:03
87290DemonspawnMonkOkawaruMartial ArtistD:9blasted by an ice statue (shard of ice)1086670:33:222014-04-15 23:24:54
97227DemonspawnMonkDithmenosMartial ArtistOrc:2blasted by Harold (bolt of fire)1097990:45:492014-04-19 00:40:00
105290DemonspawnMonkDithmenosBasherD:8slain by a killer bee1076550:26:362014-04-12 01:08:48

Recent Games

576DemonspawnMonkInseiD:4slain by a hound658720:18:192014-04-21 16:59:00
142DemonspawnMonkInseiD:3succumbed to a kobold's poison318690:03:242014-04-21 13:23:25
294DemonspawnMonkInseiD:4slain by an iguana429510:08:052014-04-21 13:19:51
4DemonspawnMonkInseiD:1slain by a jackal1210:00:142014-04-21 13:11:38
11434DemonspawnMonkOkawaruMartial ArtistIceCvmangled by a blue devil11145570:58:402014-04-20 20:54:48
134Vine StalkerEnchanterVexingD:3blasted by a goblin (wand of flame)414090:04:502014-04-20 17:14:18
106DemonspawnMonkInseiD:2succumbed to an adder's poison313770:03:092014-04-20 17:09:05
91DemonspawnMonkInseiD:$got out of the dungeon alive.310130:03:172014-04-20 17:05:44
10DemonspawnMonkInseiD:1slain by a jackal11160:00:202014-04-20 17:02:19

Uniques Slain Blork, Crazy Yiuf, Donald, Dowan, Duvessa, Edmund, Erica, Erolcha, Eustachio, Fannar, Gastronok, Grinder, Grum, Harold, Ijyb, Jessica, Joseph, Josephine, Maud, Maurice, Menkaure, Natasha, Nergalle, Norris, Pikel, Prince Ribbit, Psyche, Rupert, Sigmund, Sonja, Terence, Urug, Vashnia

Score Breakdown

Player points

N Points Source
33 165 unique
13 65 branch:enter
1 30 rune:serpentine
5 25 branch:end
2 20 champion
54 305 Total

Team points

N Points Source
4 8 ghost
3 7 gkill
7 15 Total


Permanent points
Provisional points
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