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Tourney points total 465
Tourney team points 25
Games won / played 0 / 69 (0.00%)

Ongoing Games

2:13:42 ago: uglyjohn the Ruffian (L1 DrTm) began the quest for the Orb. (D:1, turn 0, dur 0:00:00, cszo)


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Best Games

1337354DemonspawnFighterMakhlebChampion of ChaosVaults:5blasted by an ancient lich (crystal spear)20612206:04:1022014-04-18 03:31:01
2240629GargoyleFighterOkawaruWarriorVaults:2mangled by a titanic slime creature19431086:04:4022014-04-13 15:23:42
383946GargoyleEarth ElementalistVehumetEclecticistSpider:2blasted by Asterion (bolt of lightning)15310152:52:122014-04-23 22:42:23
415589GargoyleEarth ElementalistVehumetGeomancerOrc:4blasted by Urug (wand of cold)12144961:22:052014-04-15 04:47:51
513071GargoyleEarth ElementalistVehumetGeomancerLair:2slain by a blink frog11150921:10:282014-04-13 18:33:37
69662CentaurSummonerOkawaruArcherD:11slain by a wyvern11144811:06:362014-04-12 17:24:53
78665Hill OrcFighterMakhlebSevererD:11incinerated by a smoke demon (sticky flame)11115350:42:582014-04-27 04:17:40
87517Deep ElfConjurerVehumetThaumaturgeD:10slain by a red ugly thing10119990:46:192014-04-19 06:42:13
96471MinotaurHunterCleaverD:9blasted by an orc priest (divine providence)10110110:34:422014-04-12 18:23:38
106145GargoyleEarth ElementalistVehumetGeomancerD:10slain by a warg10115500:54:272014-04-25 01:15:46

Recent Games

185GhoulMonkRuffianD:3demolished by an ogre (a +0,+0 giant club)315860:03:252014-04-27 18:02:36
957GargoyleFighterOkawaruCudgelerD:5slain by a killer bee741270:10:102014-04-27 17:58:11
3037MinotaurBerserkerTrogFighterD:8slain by Grum (a +1,+0 halberd)966740:21:072014-04-27 16:40:15
1495MinotaurBerserkerTrogCleaverD:5slain by Menkaure839550:14:022014-04-27 16:18:33
292MinotaurBerserkerTrogChopperD:4slain by an orc wizard (a +1,+1 dagger of draining)521780:05:002014-04-27 04:30:31
8665Hill OrcFighterMakhlebSevererD:11incinerated by a smoke demon (sticky flame)11115350:42:582014-04-27 04:17:40
687Hill OrcFighterCleaverD:4mangled by an ogre (a +0,+0 giant spiked club)729280:06:332014-04-26 17:23:58
1459DemonspawnFighterMakhlebFanfare of BloodshedD:6mangled by an ogre (a +0,+0 giant club)859760:18:182014-04-26 15:29:43
1483DemonspawnFighterMakhlebCleaverD:7blasted by an orc wizard (magic dart)868550:18:212014-04-26 04:40:07

Uniques Slain Agnes, Arachne, Azrael, Blork, Crazy Yiuf, Dowan, Duvessa, Edmund, Erica, Erolcha, Eustachio, Fannar, Frances, Gastronok, Grinder, Grum, Harold, Ijyb, Ilsuiw, Jessica, Jorgrun, Joseph, Josephine, Kirke, Louise, Maud, Maurice, Menkaure, Natasha, Nergalle, Nessos, Nikola, Pikel, Polyphemus, Prince Ribbit, Psyche, Purgy, Rupert, Sigmund, Snorg, Terence, the Lernaean hydra, Urug, Wiglaf
Uniques Left Aizul, Antaeus, Asmodeus, Asterion, Boris, Cerebov, Dispater, Dissolution, Donald, Ereshkigal, Frederick, Geryon, Gloorx Vloq, Ignacio, Jory, Khufu, Lom Lobon, Mara, Margery, Mennas, Mnoleg, Murray, Norris, Roxanne, Saint Roka, Sojobo, Sonja, Tiamat, Vashnia, Xtahua, the Enchantress, the Serpent of Hell, the royal jelly

Score Breakdown

Player points

N Points Source
44 220 unique
15 75 branch:enter
2 45 rune:gossamer
7 35 branch:end
3 30 champion
1 30 rune:barnacled
1 30 rune:decaying
73 465 Total

Category Breakdown

N Points Source
44 220 unique
22 110 branch
4 105 rune
3 30 champion
73 465 Total

Team points

N Points Source
10 20 ghost
1 5 gkill
11 25 Total


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