Player information for Usury

Clan: None
Tourney points total 230
Rank 1165 / 3751
Tourney team points 30
Games won / played 0 / 129 (0.00%)


No games

Best Games

194313Deep DwarfNecromancerYredelemnulNecromancerSwamp:3slain by a shambling mangrove15296242:31:112018-08-23 14:38:03
233449FormicidFighterUskayawFighterOrc:2slain by an orc knight (a +0 battleaxe)14171290:55:282018-08-24 17:12:21
327116VampireEnchanterDithmenosUnseenLair:5blasted by an oklob plant (splash of acid)13205831:05:522018-08-23 16:06:14
427092DemonspawnAbyssal KnightLugonuBasherOrc:2hit from afar by an orc warrior (tomahawk)13131410:49:252018-08-22 14:16:55
517897MinotaurGladiatorNemelex XobehFighterLair:4mangled by a large slime creature12151760:34:522018-08-25 11:48:15
612234TrollBerserkerTrogFighterLair:1slain by a blink frog1185590:24:482018-08-23 22:16:04
710563TenguAir ElementalistVehumetZephyrmancerLair:1slain by a blink frog11153891:01:192018-08-17 17:04:10
89949MinotaurFighterNemelex XobehProtectedD:11slain by a white ugly thing1181570:28:222018-08-23 21:23:44
98481GargoyleFighterRuWarriorD:13splashed by an acid dragon's acid1193550:27:422018-08-22 12:33:03
107158TenguConjurerHepliaklqanaFighterLair:1mangled by a six-headed hydra1185810:39:002018-08-14 00:38:08

Recent Games

2947GargoyleFighterNemelex XobehFighterD:9mangled by a two-headed ogre (a cursed +0 giant spiked club)973190:15:302018-08-26 18:32:02
28OgreNecromancerGrave RobberD:2slain by an adder314270:03:132018-08-26 17:23:56
46Deep ElfNecromancerGrave RobberD:2slain by a goblin (a +0 club) (led by Robin)316490:02:472018-08-26 17:19:51
2491TenguBerserkerTrogFighterD:7slain by Psyche (a +4 dagger of chaos)963610:10:572018-08-26 17:16:53
2410SprigganArtificerSif MunaCovertD:8slain by a wyvern zombie979120:17:012018-08-26 17:05:20
3955CentaurFighterNemelex XobehSkirmisherD:8succumbed to Sertorius's ghost's poison1094450:25:322018-08-26 16:09:30
555DemonspawnGladiatorMakhlebDuckerD:4slain by an orc wizard (a +2 dagger of venom)743940:07:472018-08-26 11:34:00
159KoboldSummonerMakhlebCallerD:3blasted by an electric eel (bolt of electricity)547230:09:282018-08-26 11:25:52
185HumanArtificerGozagCharlatanD:4slain by an ogre (a +0 giant club)538730:07:462018-08-26 11:16:07

Uniques Slain Blork, Crazy Yiuf, Dowan, Duvessa, Edmund, Erica, Erolcha, Eustachio, Frances, Grinder, Grum, Harold, Ijyb, Jessica, Joseph, Josephine, Maurice, Menkaure, Natasha, Nergalle, Pikel, Psyche, Purgy, Robin, Sigmund, Snorg, Sonja, Terence, Urug

Score Breakdown

Player points

N Points Source
29 145 unique
8 40 branch:enter
3 30 champion
3 15 branch:end
43 230 Total

Team points

N Points Source
15 30 ghost
15 30 Total


Permanent points
Provisional points
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